Ray Johnson, LMT.                            (404) 683-9330

GA# MT000099

Ray Johnson (Somatic Kneads - for the Needs of Your Body), LMT 

Ray Johnson, owner of Somatic Kneads, is a seasoned massage therapist with over 20 years experience.

Ray works very close with his clients in identifying the source of their pain. By using a combination of treatments; deep tissue, passive stretching, pressure along energy lines, he successfully reduces pain, increases flexibility, and decreases stress.

Ray encourages his clients to be an active participant in the treatment plan. With their commitment to better health and his therapeutic expertise, the road to recovery is well within reach.

Ray taught classes at Atlanta School of Massage for the past six years, as well as operating a full time practice. In addition to his private practice, he does on-site corporate chair massage. Thai massage is also an integral part of his therapy.

Ray’s commitment to promoting wellness and general good health allows his clients the comfort of knowing their well being is of the utmost priority.

To schedule an appointment please call 404-683-9330.